Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Rooster Weathervanes!

Rooster Weathervanes have got to be the #1 selling weathervane in the weathervane industry. We have dozens of rooster weathervane designs from the classic barn rooster to the crowing rooster and every rooster in between. We carry copper rooster weathervanes, steel rooster weathervanes and aluminum rooster weathervanes. We are sure to have the perfect rooster for you. Browse our inventory here: Rooster Weathervanes

Finials with Roof Caps

Check out our newest line in our finials catalog; Roof Caps. These caps allow for a nice clean installation. The roof capds come in square, round, hexagon, and octagon, so really can fit on any roof style. Customers love them, we cant keep them in stock!
Browse our inventory here: Finials

Friday, September 19, 2008

Weathervanes: Turning Heads

East Coast Weathervanes and Cupolas has the largest selection of weathervanes on the net! If you want to turn heads with your weathervane, choose East Coast Weathervanes.

Whether its the traditional rooster or horse weathervane or the unique flying pig weathervane, they are sure to have what suits you!